The Next Generation Smart Home.

We are CosmoHome a team that wants to make tomorrow.

Launching v1.0 in
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“This will change the smart home as we know it!”
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“It's clear that the team at CosmoHome have been listening to their customers.”
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“The future is looking bright for this punky young startup. One to watch for sure.”

CosmoAI The assistant That's not like your assistant

Suits your style

We made CosmoHome with you in mind! So whatever you want added into the platform we will do it!

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“CosmoHome is a dream come true.”
No Privacy? Pfff Who said that!

Your information is always kept encrypted and can never be accessed by third parties.

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“Cosmo increases productivity.”
Your info.. Always Secured!

Anything that you give to CosmoHome (Which is really little btw..) We use none of it aganist you!

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“Yasssss Cosmoooo!.”
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Hi! I'm Cosmo! Let's show you how I work!

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Fully Responsive
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Unique Design
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Made with peace in mind

Made by 15 year olds.. No kidding..

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Allen K.
Hi guys! My name is Allen and i’m one of the founders for CosmoHome! One cool fact i can tell about me is that i’m only 15! Crazy right! But even at that age i’m going to make sure CosmoHome will be The Next Generation Smart Home!
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Coming Soon.
Coming Soon!

People who are loving The CosmoPlatform!

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We cut our build times in half compared to our previous process. Love it.”
Shelley McNabb
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“The support team is super helpful. CosmoHome you guys are amazing!.”
Mary Goddard
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“Reliability is what Cosmo is known for, and they've totally delivered
Bradley Singleton

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